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Primetime Play & Train: Expertly Curated Dog Toys, Training Tools, Leads, and Collars. Elevate your training sessions and playtimes with our premium selection, handpicked by a professional dog trainer for unmatched quality and performance.


Explore our comprehensive collection of Dog Leads, thoughtfully curated to meet the diverse needs of dog owners and professional trainers alike. From our Heavy-Duty 10M PVC Safety Leashes designed for advanced training sessions to our specialised Slip Leashes for optimal control, we've got you covered.

Each leash in our collection serves a unique purpose. Our 10M leads are perfect for training recall and other distance commands, offering both freedom and control. On the other hand, our Slip Leashes are engineered for close handling, making them ideal for training and ensuring the best control of your dog in various settings.

Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, our leads are built to last, providing reliable performance whether you're in a training session, on a long walk, or enjoying an outing in a public space.

Not just functional, our leads also prioritise safety, with features like anti-collision and heavy-duty construction. They are the go-to choice for both novice pet owners looking for reliability and professional dog trainers requiring specialized training tools.

Elevate your dog training and daily walks with our versatile range of Dog Leads, each designed with expertise for maximum effectiveness and safety.

Slip Leash
Slip Leash
Slip Leash


Step up your pet care game with our all-encompassing Feeding Collection, designed to cater to every aspect of your dog's nourishment and hydration needs. Whether you're a pet parent on the go or a professional dog trainer, our range offers a variety of solutions, from Dog Water Bottles to Training Treat Bags and beyond.

Our Dog Water Bottles are perfect for outdoor adventures, ensuring your furry friend stays hydrated no matter where you are. Crafted for convenience and durability, these bottles are a must-have for any outing.

For those focused on training, our Training Treat Bags are an essential tool. Easily accessible and convenient to carry, these bags keep your training treats handy, making positive reinforcement a breeze.

But that's not all. Our collection also includes a variety of other feeding accessories designed to make mealtime enjoyable and hassle-free. Each product is made from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring long-lasting use.

Explore our Feeding Collection to find the perfect products that not only meet your dog's nutritional needs but also make feeding and hydrating your pet as convenient as possible. Backed by expertise and quality, our collection is the one-stop solution for all your dog feeding needs.

Fetch Toys

Discover the ultimate Fetch Toy collection, meticulously curated for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Whether you're a pet parent or a professional dog trainer, our range of Fetch Toys offers something for everyone. From durable rubber balls to innovative flying discs, each toy is designed to encourage active play, mental stimulation, and skill development.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, our toys are crafted from high-quality materials that stand up to rigorous fetching and tugging. They're not just toys; they're tools that enhance training, satisfy instinctual needs, and strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.

Ideal for interactive play sessions, our Fetch Toys also serve as excellent training aids, especially for commands like 'come,' 'fetch,' and 'drop it.' Experience the joy of seeing your dog sprint with enthusiasm, all while getting the exercise and mental stimulation they need for a healthy, happy life.

Elevate your dog's playtime and training sessions with our premium Fetch Toys, backed by expertise and quality.

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