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8-Week Dog Behaviour Transformation Program in Perth

Introducing Perth's Premier Tailored Dog Training Program

Welcome to our individually tailored dog training experience in Perth, designed with your specific goals for your canine companion in mind. We initiate the process with one-on-one sessions, establishing a clear communication system in an environment that ensures your dog's comfort and safety.
Upon completion of these initial private sessions, we offer the opportunity to join group training sessions. These sessions aim to reinforce your ability to effectively communicate and handle your dog in diverse situations, improving your dog's sociability and adaptability.
Our training spectrum covers basic to advanced obedience, focusing on creating an enjoyable and harmonious relationship between you and your dog at home as well as within the community.
In addition, we address any identified reactivity, working towards resolving any behavioural concerns your pet may have. Our balanced method of training utilises all four quadrants of positive reinforcement, striving to reduce any conflict during the training process.
Join us in Perth's comprehensive 8-week Dog Behaviour Transformation Program, and let us guide you and your pet towards a more fulfilling companionship.

Perth Dog Training Services: Addressing Anxiety, Aggression, Obedience, and More.

When it comes to curbing anxiety, reducing aggression, and instilling obedience in your canine companion, our expert dog trainers in Perth are your go-to resource. We don’t just train dogs, we transform them.

Are you struggling with your dog’s separation anxiety? Is general anxiety causing discomfort for your pet? Or perhaps, aggression has become a pressing issue? Maybe excessive barking is disturbing your peace? As your trusted Perth dog training service, we have the solutions.

Understanding canine behaviour is crucial in tackling these issues. As a professional dog Trainer in Perth, we will help you comprehend the significance of dog training, not just for your pet but also for you and the broader community.

Our approach goes beyond simple obedience training. We delve into the root of your dog's behaviour, guiding you to recognise the signs of anxiety, aggression, and other behavioural issues. We then equip you with practical techniques and tools to address these issues effectively.

Remember, dog training is not just about managing your pet’s behaviour. It’s about creating a bond based on mutual understanding and respect. With our tailored dog training in Perth, you and your dog can enjoy a harmonious relationship both at home and within your community.

Contact us today and take the first step towards transforming your pet’s behaviour. Let’s work together to make your dog training journey an enriching experience.

Course break down

Dog Recall

Training your dog to come when called, commonly known as dog recall, is one of the most vital skills that every dog should learn. Not only is it essential for their safety, but it also allows you to have better control in various environments.

Loose Lead Walking - The 'No Pull Zone

Transform chaotic walks into enjoyable outings with our Perth dog training services. Loose lead walking, also known as the 'No Pull Zone', is a crucial skill that ensures your dog walks calmly beside you without pulling on the lead. This creates a relaxed, stress-free experience for both you and your dog.

Basic Positioning

Learn the foundations of dog obedience with our expert dog trainers in Perth. Basic positioning covers essential commands such as 'Sit', 'Stay', and 'Come', equipping you with the ability to guide your dog's movements and behaviours effectively. Proper positioning is the cornerstone of good dog behaviour, both at home and in public whether it is around your body or the local park bench.

Jumping Behaviours

Address problematic jumping behaviours with our comprehensive dog behaviourist services in Perth. Excessive or unwanted jumping can be a sign of lack of communication, excitement, overstimulation, dominance, or understimulation. We teach you effective techniques to manage these behaviours, ensuring your dog greets you and others politely and safely.

Nipping and Other Behavioural Concerns

Nipping and other behavioural issues such as attention-seeking, boisterousness, destructiveness, and separation anxiety can disrupt the harmony of your home. Our Perth dog training tackles these issues head-on, offering tailored solutions that address the root of these behaviours and promote a calm, well-behaved pet.

Aggression Management

Aggression in dogs can be a daunting issue to tackle. As professional dog Trainers in Perth, we provide effective strategies to understand and manage your dog's

aggression. We focus on positive reinforcement and balanced techniques to ensure safe, peaceful interaction between your dog and others.

Ready to witness a transformation in your furry friend's behaviour? 

As experienced dog trainers in Perth, we're eager to help you strengthen the bond with your dog through our tailored training approach. Don't wait—book a consultation with our expert dog Trainers in Perth today and set the stage for a happier, obedient, and sociable companion!
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