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Welcome to our Perth Dog Training service, your premier destination for personalised dog obedience training. As experienced dog trainers in Perth, we're passionate about enhancing the relationship between dog owners and their furry companions.


Understanding the complexities of canine behaviour, we take a unique approach to tailoring our training to each dog's specific needs and goals. From basic obedience to advanced commands, our services are designed to help your dog become a valued, obedient member of your family and community.


Our approach is grounded in understanding canine psychology, this insight allows us to create a structured living environment where your dog can thrive as a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted companion.


Our methodology employs a balanced training approach, incorporating all four quadrants of positive reinforcement to minimise any conflict. We are not just dog trainers, but also dog behaviourists in Perth, adept at identifying and addressing any behavioural concerns, including reactivity issues.


Furthermore, we emphasise the importance of communication, structure and leadership—keys to a highly social group and that is equally applicable to our domesticated companions. We guide dog owners in establishing themselves as leaders, ensuring harmonious cohabitation and sociable interactions between dogs and other animals or individuals.

Choose us as your dog trainer in Perth and witness the transformation of your pet into a well-adjusted, obedient companion. With our Perth dog training services, we guarantee a journey that strengthens your bond with your furry friend while simultaneously boosting their social repertoire.

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