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Large EVA Floating Dog Training Ball - Pet Exercise Play Toy

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Product Details

Enhance your pup's playtime with our 9cm EVA Floating Dog Training Ball, available in both 9cm and 7cm sizes. Perfect for both playing and exercising, this bright yellow ball is designed with a distinctive black connect cord through its middle hole, ensuring easy retrieval and interactive tug games.

Crafted for durability, it boasts puller-resistant and bite-proof features, making it ideal for outdoor fitness sessions. Whether at you are at home, the park or beach, this Floating Puppy Ball ensures endless fun and promotes active outdoor fitness.

While no toy can claim to be entirely indestructible, it's essential to set realistic expectations. At Primetime Dog Training, we offer toys that stand out for their superior quality and durability. However, always monitor your dog during playtime and routinely check toys for any signs of wear or damage. If a toy shows signs of damage, it's crucial to remove it from play. Remember, this product is meant to be used with your dog under direct supervision.

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